November 29, 2023

Samsung Plans to Implement Waterdrop Hinge Design in Its Foldable Notebooks: Report

Samsung is reportedly considering using the waterdrop hinge design, which was introduced in its latest foldable smartphones, for its upcoming Galaxy Book lineup. The waterdrop hinge design offers advantages such as improved longevity and a less visible crease in the center. Several Chinese smartphone manufacturers have already adopted this design for their foldable devices. By implementing the waterdrop hinge in its foldable notebooks, Samsung aims to make the units lighter. However, the design also leads to a slightly thicker notebook compared to those with a regular hinge.

According to a Korean publication, Samsung may release a foldable notebook as early as next year. The waterdrop hinge, replacing the traditional hinge commonly found in regular notebooks, will provide a seamless fit with the foldable display. The U-shaped hinge design makes the notebook lighter, enhancing the overall user experience. Samsung’s competitors, including LG and HP, are also working on developing lighter U-shaped hinges for their foldable notebook models.

Samsung had initially planned to launch a foldable notebook last year but decided to hold back due to low consumer demand. The company also considered partnering with Samsung Display or BOE to supply the OLED panels for the folding notebook. Currently, Samsung aims to bring the larger foldable form factor to the market in the second half of next year.

Prior to the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung used the older V-shaped hinge design, which resulted in a more noticeable crease in the center of the foldable display. The waterdrop hinge design used in the latest models holds the main display in a safer and more durable U-shape position, reducing the risk of damage from drops. This design ensures a longer lifespan for the internal gears, preventing failures in opening the main display.

While Samsung is not the first to implement the waterdrop hinge, it is currently the only manufacturer to offer an IPX8 rating for water resistance in its foldable devices. This rating stands as the highest level of water resistance among similar products. Other manufacturers, such as Oppo, Motorola, and Xiaomi, have also incorporated the waterdrop hinge design in their foldable devices.

Samsung’s decision to extend the use of the waterdrop hinge design to its foldable notebooks demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and improving user experience. By leveraging this design, Samsung aims to create more durable and lightweight foldable notebooks for consumers. With the increasing popularity of foldable devices, this move could position Samsung as a leader in the foldable notebook market.

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