June 17, 2024

Google Tests Less Intrusive Lite Version of AI-Powered Search

In an effort to offer a more user-friendly experience, Google has begun testing a new layout for its generative AI capabilities. Known as Search Generative Experience (SGE) Lite, this new version aims to reduce the intrusiveness of AI-generated search results. Currently available to select users, SGE Lite does not trigger a large block by default and offers more buttons for users to access additional information.

SGE is Google’s response to the generative AI capabilities offered by competitors such as GPT-4-powered Bing. When enabled, SGE provides specific responses to user queries; however, the default display format takes up a large block of the browser, negatively affecting publishers.

According to Glenn Gabe, a digital marketing expert, Google has no plans to roll out SGE Lite to the general public unless it proves to be revenue-neutral or positive. This cautious approach is likely due to Google’s reliance on its search engine as a major revenue-generating product. Furthermore, considering Bing’s struggle to increase market share with its own AI capabilities, Google wants to proceed with caution when integrating SGE into its search engine. Some users have already had the opportunity to experience the lite version of SGE on Google.

It’s important to note that enabling the new AI-powered SGE experience requires Google to run large language generative AI models on its servers, which is a costly endeavor. Additionally, the content generated by AI may not always be accurate due to limitations such as hallucinations.

Google’s decision to test a less intrusive version of its generative AI capabilities reflects its commitment to improving the user experience. By offering a lite version of SGE, Google aims to deliver AI-generated search results that are more user-friendly and less disruptive for publishers. This move also emphasizes Google’s cautious approach to incorporating AI into its search engine in order to maintain its revenue stream and avoid the pitfalls experienced by competitors. As the testing progresses, it will be interesting to see how Google adapts and refines its AI capabilities to provide accurate, reliable, and non-intrusive search results.


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