February 23, 2024

Amazon Secures Exclusive Streaming Rights for NFL Playoff Game

In an exciting development, Amazon has acquired the exclusive rights to stream an NFL playoff game during the 2024-2025 season. This move allows the tech giant to showcase its Prime video platform to a massive audience. While the NFL has declined to comment on the matter, sources familiar with the plan have revealed this exciting collaboration.

In the past, NBC streamed a wild-card game on its Peacock service on January 13th, generating record-breaking streaming figures with an average audience of 23 million viewers. The game, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins, captivated audiences, and likely helped Peacock significantly increase its subscriber base, which currently stands at 30 million.

Amazon’s success with Thursday Night Football has also played a role in securing the exclusive streaming rights for the playoff game. During the recently concluded second season as the home of Thursday Night Football, Amazon witnessed a 24% increase in viewership, with an average of nearly 12 million viewers per game, according to Nielsen data. The streaming platform also attracts a younger audience compared to traditional TV broadcasts.

The playoff game will not only be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video but will also be broadcast on traditional television channels in the markets of the competing teams. However, this landmark event marks the first time in NFL history that a playoff game will primarily air on a non-legacy media platform.

This agreement between Amazon and the NFL comes shortly after major media partners, including Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox Corp., announced their plans to launch a subscription streaming service that will offer cable and broadcast networks with live sports programming. The service, set to launch by mid-August, aims to capture the growing demand for streaming live sports events.

The decision to collaborate with Amazon highlights the growing influence of tech giants in the world of sports broadcasting. With their extensive platforms and reach, companies like Amazon are well-positioned to capture a broader audience and provide a seamless streaming experience for sports fans.

By securing the exclusive rights to stream an NFL playoff game, Amazon has demonstrated its commitment to expanding its sports streaming offerings. This collaboration not only allows Amazon to attract more subscribers to its Prime video platform but also strengthens its presence in the competitive streaming market.

As the NFL continues to embrace streaming as a significant means of reaching audiences, it is expected that more collaborations with tech giants like Amazon will emerge in the future. This shift in the sports broadcasting landscape opens up new opportunities for digital platforms to create innovative and immersive viewing experiences for sports fans worldwide.

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