December 7, 2023

Tempur Unveils Unique ‘NASA Punk’ Starfield Cockpit, Exclusively Available for Experience

Tempur, in collaboration with Xbox, has introduced an immersive space cockpit experience called the “Dream Chair”. Although the Dream Chair is not available for purchase, select players have the opportunity to try it out at the Xbox booth during the Gamescom expo in Germany. The cockpit, designed by Nicholas Alexander, offers a realistic space exploration experience with twin joystick controls and a swivel seat. While the seat does not move towards the view screen like in the Starfield game, it features authentic dials, switches, and blinking lights that create the illusion of piloting a starship.

Xbox shared a video of the Dream Chair on their Twitter account, emphasizing their connection to memory foam, initially developed for NASA astronauts. The concept of “NASA-Punk” aesthetic is being coined by Xbox and Bethesda, capturing the blend of low-fi, sci-fi styles seen in movies like Alien and The Expanse. Despite the branding, the designers have successfully recreated a plausible cockpit that resonates with the layman’s perception of space exploration.

The Dream Chair setup, featured at the Xbox Gamescom booth, comprises a Tempur-branded cushion chair with dual aluminum joysticks on each armrest. The cockpit-like structure includes a large curved screen, providing an in-game flight experience through the Starfield universe. However, this immersive experience only represents a small section of the full game.

According to Marcos Waltenberg, Xbox’s global partnerships director, the Dream Chair is a modular cockpit that artfully mirrors the gameplay of Starfield, allowing players to feel like real starship captains.

While the Dream Chair is not available for purchase, there is a chance for one lucky individual to own it. After the Gamescom expo, the cockpit setup will be displayed at the Saturn Xperion store in Cologne, Germany. Subsequently, it will be showcased at the Tempur store in Westfield, Stratford in the U.K. The final step involves auctioning off the Dream Chair in a charity raffle, although specific details regarding timing and bidding process are yet to be revealed by the company.

Tempur, known for its innovative sleep products, has ventured into the gaming world by creating an immersive space cockpit experience in collaboration with Xbox. The Dream Chair offers players a unique opportunity to feel like actual starship captains, even if it is just a simulated experience.

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