April 20, 2024
Study finds positive outlook crucial for mobility in older women

Study finds positive outlook crucial for mobility in older women

A recent study conducted by a team of social scientists, psychologists, and geriatric specialists from various U.S. institutions has revealed that maintaining optimism as women age can significantly impact their mobility as the aging process sets in.

The research, published in JAMA Psychiatry, involved interviews and tests on thousands of older women at different clinical centers. Grip strength, walking speed, and the ability to rise from a chair were evaluated to assess mobility.

Aging affects individuals differently, with various factors influencing the process, such as diet and physical activity. This study discovered that a woman’s outlook also plays a crucial role in aging.

The team surveyed nearly 6,000 women aged 65 and above at 40 clinical sites in the U.S., conducting tests four times over six years to measure grip strength, walking pace, and chair-rise ease. The data analysis revealed that women who maintained a positive attitude experienced fewer declines in standing ease and walking speed, but not in grip strength.

The researchers suggest that optimism could shield aging women from stress-induced inflammation, leading to better lifestyle choices. The study implies that improving one’s outlook can help combat age-related mobility issues.

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