April 12, 2024

Ostomy Care Accessories For Managing Life With An Ostomy

Ostomy Pouching Systems
Pouching systems come in various sizes and are usually changed every 1-3 days. They consist of a flat or contoured pouch that adheres to the skin with an adhesive tape or wafer. Pouches are available in one-piece or two-piece systems. One-piece systems have the pouch permanently attached to the wafer, while two-piece systems use a separate pouch that is fitted over an adhesive wafer. Two-piece systems allow for changing just the pouch as needed. Pouches come in various materials like plastic, fabric, or silicone and ranges from transparent to opaque depending on a person’s preference.

Ostomy Belts and Guards

Ostomy belts or guards provide extra security and protection for the pouching system. Belts feature closure strips or Velcro and wrap around the waist to hold the pouch firmly in place. They help prevent leaks, allow for increased physical activity, and add discretion under clothing. Guards are small adhesive patches that reinforce weak areas of skin and protect against irritation and leaks. They are useful for areas around the stoma where skin wear is more common, like under the stoma or at the openings where the flange meets skin. Various sizes, thicknesses, and materials allow guards and barriers to address specific problem areas.

Accessories for Drainage and Irrigation

For people with ileostomies or colostomies, accessories are available to help manage output and irrigation. Drainable pouches have an attached valve or tap at the lowest point that allows controlled drainage of output as needed. For irrigation of the bowel above a colostomy or ileostomy, specialized bags or bottles with rectal catheters are used. The flared end of catheters prevent them from being pulled completely inside and make irrigation easy and less messy. Non-return valves on irrigation accessories prevent backflow into the pouch or tubing. Such valves are also useful on drainable pouches or extension tubes to prevent leakage if the pouch gets overfilled.

Stoma and Skin Care Products

A variety of skin care products help promote healthy skin around the stoma. Barriers rings or strips made of silicone or hydrocolloid protect skin from irritation due to contact with the adhesive on pouches or wafers. When skin is already irritated, protective pastes or liquid sealants form a breathable, sterile barrier beneath the wafer. Stoma powder or protective wipes keep the area dry. For cleaning and dressing changes, gentle cleansers and adhesive removers gently remove residue without further irritation. Stoma measuring guides aid in accurately cutting new wafers to size as the stoma changes. As stomas heal or shrink after surgery, such tools ensure a proper fit.

Accessories for Travel, Sports, and Lifestyle

Ostomates need accessories designed for various activities and occasions. Belt bags, fanny packs, or small pouches with belt loops allow for discreet Ostomy Care Accessories  bag replacement on the go. Travel kits pack essential supplies, and deodorizing sprays, wipes, or bags help control odors. For swimming or water activities, waterproof adhesive strips, pouches, or belts protect systems from getting wet. Sports guards, belts, and support shorts provide added stability and comfort during exercise. Accessories like extended output tubes, disposal bags with ties, or clip-on bags facilitate use at work or school desks. A variety of fabric pouches and belts discreetly blend into all types of clothing styles. Such lifestyle-specific accessories empower people to fully participate in daily routines.

Accessories for Specific Ostomy Types

Certain stomas may require specialty accessories. Urostomy pouches come in leg bags designed to be worn inside clothing or pass under garments. They have wider openings to accommodate larger stoma sizes and thicker output. Contoured skin barriers protect the irritated areas around stomas on the abdomen or back. Pre-cut barriers speed up the process of applying the flange. For paraplegics or others with limited mobility, bedside drainable pouches with long tubes prevent the need to get in and out of bed frequently. Accessories allowing one-handed operation, like magnetic or snap closures, help those with arthritis or dexterity issues manage their system. Such type-specific accessories address various anatomical and physical challenges.

In summary, ostomy care accessories provide versatile solutions for managing the ostomy pouching system and life activities. From barriers and belts to lifestyle-friendly bags, they promote confidence, comfort, and discretion. Accessories tailored for stoma type or user needs offer independence to fully participate in all areas of work, exercise and play. With the right accessories, people with ostomies need not limit any parts of life.

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