July 13, 2024

Gogoro introduces CrossOver SmartScooter, an all-terrain e-scooter with battery-swapping and cargo-hauling capabilities

Gogoro, a Taiwan-based e-mobility company, has unveiled its latest offering, the CrossOver SmartScooter. This e-scooter is being touted as the first two-wheel SUV and is designed to venture beyond urban areas and tackle challenging terrains.

Unlike Gogoro’s previous city-focused models like the Viva, the CrossOver is built to handle rough conditions. It features a high ground clearance of 14.2 cm (5.6 inches) and a robust all-terrain frame for enhanced strength and stability.

The CrossOver is powered by a 7.6 kW liquid-cooled motor, providing 196 Nm (144.5 lb.ft) of torque at the wheel. It utilizes a low-maintenance Flo Drive carbon belt instead of a chain. The scooter’s battery units have a range of up to 150 km (93 miles) at speeds of 30 km/h (18.6 mph) before requiring a battery swap. The top speed has not been disclosed.

One of the key features of the CrossOver is its new smart suite, which includes Bluetooth control functionalities, app connectivity, and LTE remote networking. The scooter is equipped with a Synchronized Braking System, comprising of front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, to stabilize and reduce the braking distance. For fleet usage, an optional telematics unit is available.

Apart from its off-road capabilities, the CrossOver is also designed as a versatile hauler. Gogoro has introduced a multi-point mounting system, allowing users to attach storage options across four cargo areas. This includes a rigid platform above the headlight for securing bags or boxes, a front rack, an extended board in front of the seat for luggage, and a cargo rack at the back that can expand when the passenger seat is raised or removed. Additionally, new accessories such as a side faceplate rack, off-road front rack, and aluminum front basket have been unveiled.

Other notable features of the CrossOver include a telescopic suspension fork, dual rear shocks, 12-inch Maxxis MA-EV tires, and an ultra-bright LED headlight. The scooter is also available in a Crossover S variant, which offers traction control and optional one-click cruise control enabled by SSmartcore electronics. The Crossover S variant’s motor provides 206 Nm (152 lb.ft) of torque at the wheel.

In conclusion, Gogoro’s CrossOver SmartScooter is designed to offer versatility and performance for riders who want to venture beyond city limits. With its battery-swapping feature, cargo-hauling capabilities, and all-terrain frame, this e-scooter aims to provide a unique riding experience in various environments.

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