May 22, 2024
GCC Air Purifier

GCC Air Purifier: Effective solution for indoor air purification

GCC is one of the leading brands known for manufacturing high-quality air purifiers across the globe. It has recently launched its new advanced air purifier – GCC Air Purifier that effectively cleans indoor air and creates a healthy indoor environment.

filters used in GCC Air Purifier

The key highlight of GCC Air Purifier is its multiple layer filtration system which effectively captures allergens, dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander and other airborne pollutants present in indoor air. It comes equipped with the following high-quality filters:

The pre-filter is made of thick non-woven fabric and captures large airborne particles like hair and fibers before they reach the other filters. It needs to be cleaned or replaced periodically based on the usage.

HEPA Filter:
This is the primary filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger such as dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and some airborne viruses. The True HEPA filter used in GCC Air Purifier is TH1420 grade that provides maximum air filtration.

Activated Carbon Filter:
This filter absorbs odors, chemicals and other gaseous pollutants present in indoor air. It effectively reduces VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) released from home furnishings, cleaning products, air fresheners, paints etc.

UV-C Lamp:
The UV-C lamp with 254nm wavelength incorporated at the final stage of the filtration system kills any remaining microbes, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses present in the purified air passing through it.

CADR Ratings of GCC Air Purifier

The Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR rating indicates the air cleaning capacity of an air purifier. GCC Air Purifier has very high CADR ratings that make it one of the most effective air purifiers in removing various indoor air pollutants:

– Tobacco Smoke CADR: 450 cubic meters per hour
– Dust CADR: 350 cubic meters per hour
– Pollen CADR: 330 cubic meters per hour

These high CADR ratings ensure that GCC Air Purifier can filter a room’s air 5 times in an hour for a room size of 183 sq. ft. which is considered excellent for efficient air purification.

Operation Modes of GCC Air Purifier

GCC Air Purifier offers 3-stage air filtration along with the following smart operation modes:

Auto Mode:
In this mode, the air purifier automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the quality of indoor air detected by its air quality sensor.

Sleep Mode:
This mode runs the purifier at lowest settings for silent night time operation.

Turbo Mode:
The turbo mode runs the fan at maximum speed to purify large rooms within short time during heavy pollution or whenextra air cleaning is needed.

Timer Option:
The timer option lets you set the purifier to automatically turn-on/off at preset hours for convenient scheduled operation.

Color-coded LED Display:
The color-coded LED display on top indicates the real-time air quality as good, average or poor for monitoring purpose.

Coverage Area of GCC Air Purifier

With a coverage area of upto 500 sq. ft., GCC Air Purifier is suitable for medium to large sized bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries or home offices. Its 0.5hp motor and strategically angled air outlets provide powerful 360-degree air circulation to filter air from every corner of the room quickly.

Installation and Maintenance

The frame design of GCC Air Purifier allows vertical or horizontal placement at any location. Its compact cube-shaped body with handle takes minimal space. Replacement filters are available easily through the brand’s website or authorized retail stores. Basic regular maintenance like regular filter replacement needs to be followed as specified in manual for best performance.

GCC Air Purifier emerges as a complete solution for clean, healthy indoor air in homes and workplaces. Its multi-stage True HEPA, activated carbon and UV-C filtration effectively removes pollutants, allergens, smoke, odors and also kills viruses and germs from the purified air. The high CADR ratings and smart operation modes make it a powerful yet convenient purifier for medium to large spaces. With regular filter maintenance, the GCC Air Purifier ensures pure, safe breathing air indoors for long run. Its premium build quality and after-sales service by the brand adds trust and value.

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