July 23, 2024

Ford Transit Trail Modified by VanDoIt for Adventure Camper Van Enthusiasts

VanDoIt, known for its expertise in modularity, has unveiled its latest camper van built based on Ford’s rugged Transit Trail. The new Moov package takes advantage of the Trail’s off-road capabilities and offers a plug-and-play modular design, allowing owners to customize their camper van according to their preferences. Whether they want all the comforts of home or a simpler setup for their outdoor adventures, the Moov camper van can accommodate their needs.

Ford introduced the US-spec Transit Trail last year, emphasizing its “adventure-seeking capability.” The Trail features a 3.5-inch suspension lift, wider track, all-terrain tires, 6,500-pound tow package, mud flaps, and slider-style side steps, among other off-road features. It also includes a dual-AGM battery system, 400-W inverter, and factory swivel front seats, making it an ideal base for camper conversions.

VanDoIt was approached by Ford months before the Transit Trail’s debut, and some of its camper components were showcased during the official launch. The company wasted no time in developing the Moov prototype, which was unveiled just three months later in February 2023. After fine-tuning the design, VanDoIt recently announced the official launch of orders for the Moov.

However, adapting their hardware and assembly processes for the cargo platform of the Transit Trail presented a significant challenge for VanDoIt. They took the opportunity to gather feedback and reimagine their camper van as a dedicated two-person adventure rig. The result is a selection of brand-new and preexisting components for a Transit Trail/Transit Cargo camper that caters to active lifestyles.

The Moov camper van is designed to keep owners on the move, whether on four wheels, two wheels, two feet, or one board. It features an aluminum T-track skeleton that serves as the mounting frame for various components, accessories, and decor. With the skeleton in place, buyers can choose from VanDoIt’s full ecosystem of camper modules.

One of the exciting additions to the Moov is the dual-folder drawbridge bed, which folds against the wall during the day to free up space in the rear garage area. At night, the sides fold down to create a raised double bed across the width of the van. Another innovative feature is the deployable fabric shower room that hangs from the upper T-track. VanDoIt uses a larger French drain system integrated into a floor tray to channel water into the underbody gray water tank. The tray doubles as a gear carrier for mounting bikes and other equipment.

The Moov is equipped with a plug-and-play hot/cold water system that includes an 83-liter fresh water tank, electric water heater, hot/cold mixer, and hookups. The system can be easily removed when not needed. Power is supplied by a top-tier Stage 3 electrical package with up to 1,380 Ah of battery capacity and a CZone management and command system. Roof-mounted solar panels help keep the battery running.

VanDoIt has also listened to customer feedback and added openable windows at the rear, enhancing ventilation and interior space. Other available equipment for the Moov includes a kitchen module with a fridge slide, drawers, and sink, a portable toilet, a TV, and a fully adjustable Lagun table. Buyers can opt for older designs, such as the hydraulic lift-away bed or Murphy bunks, instead of the drawbridge bed.

To further improve the Trail’s off-road capabilities, VanDoIt offers its Stage 3 kit, which includes Fox rear shocks, a Bilstein front strut with upgraded coils, added OEM leafs, an Aluminess front bumper with a 12,000-pound winch, an Aluminess roof rack, a Backwoods rear bumper, an Aluminess rear door rack and ladder, and a full suite of Baja Designs auxiliary lighting.

VanDoIt is now accepting orders for the Moov camper van, which can be built atop a regular Transit cargo van or the Transit Trail. It is offered in mid- or high-roof varieties on long or extended chassis. The price ranges from $114,900 to $200,000, depending on the chosen modular options. Adventure-seeking enthusiasts can expect the Moov to be their ideal companion for all their outdoor endeavors.

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