April 21, 2024
Cycling Wear Market

The Cycling Wear Market is Expected to Witness High Growth Owing to Rising Health Consciousness

Cycling wear comprises apparel and accessories that are specifically designed for cycling activity. Cycling wear products such as cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, cycling glasses, cycling helmets, arm/knee warmers, and gloves provide riders with comfort, flexibility and breathability during strenuous cycling sessions. The increasing adoption of cycling as a fitness activity and popularity of cycling tours/trips has boosted the demand for high-performance breathable cycling wear.

The Global Cycling Wear Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 5632.18 Mn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 12% over the forecast period 2024 to 2031.

Key Takeaways

Key players operating in the Cycling Wear market are Alpha MOS, E-Nose Pty, The E-nose Company, Electronic Sensor technology, Scent Science Corporation, Airsense Analytics GmbH, Scentsational Technologies, Scensive Technology, Envirosuite Limited, RoboScientific Ltd., Chromatotec and Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. These players are focused on developing advanced fabrics and designs to offer superior comfort and performance to riders.

The rising popularity of cycling as a fitness activity and indoor cycling is presenting lucrative growth opportunities for market players. Cycling wear manufacturers are investing in innovative products specifically tailored for various cycling sub-genres such as indoor cycling, touring, mountain biking, BMX, and road cycling.

The global rise in fitness consciousness and popularity of cycling as an adventurous sport across regions is fueling the expansion of the Cycling Wear Market Trends globally. Leading brands are expanding their geographical footprint and online distribution networks to tap the high demand from developing cycling hotspots in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Market Drivers

The high growth of the cycling wear market can be attributed to the rising health consciousness among consumers. Regular cycling is emerging as one of the most popular and effective ways to burn calories and stay fit. This is increasing the adoption of cycling as an outdoor fitness activity as well as indoor cycling. The growing awareness about the health benefits of cycling is driving the demand for technologically advanced cycling wear products designed for enhanced comfort, breathability, and performance.

PEST Analysis

Political: The cycling wear market is influenced by government policies and regulations regarding safety standards for cycling gears. Various governments promote cycling as a mode of transportation and sport by investing in infrastructure and sponsorships.

Economic: Rising disposable incomes and growing health awareness are major drivers of the cycling wear market. Higher economic growth results in greater discretionary spending on sporting goods and accessories.

Social: Popularity of cycling as a recreational activity and healthy lifestyle choice has increased its social acceptance. Adoption of cycling is also driven by growing environmental concerns around traffic pollution and need for sustainable mobility options.

Technological: Developments in material science are allowing manufacture of breathable and durable fabrics that wick away moisture and offer protection from impact and UV rays. Wearables integration and connectivity enhance the cycling experience.

Geographical regions with high market share in terms of value

North America accounts for the largest share in the cycling wear market led by the US. High participation in cycling sports combined with large consumer base and spending propels demand. Europe is another major region supported by cycling culture and growing popularity of cycling as urban mobility in Western European cities.

Fastest growing region

The Asia Pacific region is poised to experience fastest growth in the cycling wear market during the forecast period. Rapid urbanization, rising affluence, investments in cycling infrastructure and promotion by governments are stimulating market expansion across developing countries such as China and India. In addition, hosting of international cycling events boosts the profile and participation in cycling.

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