June 16, 2024

An Overview of KSA Tire – A Leading Tire Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

History and Growth of KSA Tire
Founded in 1990 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, KSA Tire started as a small tire retailer serving the local market. Within a few years, the company began manufacturing their own tire brands to meet the growing demand. By 2000, KSA Tire had established its first production facility in the King Abdulaziz Industrial City of Dammam. This 40,000 square meter plant featured state-of-the-art equipment and had an initial annual production capacity of 500,000 tires.

Throughout the 2000s, KSA Tire focused on expanding their product lines to include tires for various types of vehicles from passenger cars to heavy trucks and earthmovers. New plant expansions in Jubail and Yanbu brought total annual tire manufacturing capability to over 2 million by 2010. This rapidly increasing scale helped KSA Tire become the largest tire producer in the Kingdom. Their products were now distributed across Saudi Arabia as well as to neighboring GCC countries.

Product Range and Brands
The extensive product portfolio at KSA Tire covers all popular tire sizes and applications. Their passenger car tires marketed under the Durawin and Durasave brands have become top sellers in the SUV, sedan and hatchback categories. For commercial vehicles, KSA Tire offers a comprehensive selection of light truck, bus, and medium/heavy truck tires under the Traxion brand name.

Construction and mining equipment require tires that can withstand heavy loads and punishing conditions. KSA Tire addresses this segment with their off-the-road and earthmover tire lines. Popular models include the Gripmax excavator tire and Grabos dozer/loader tire, known for their exceptional strength and durability. The company also fabricates specialized solid tires for various industrial machinery.

A key pillar of KSA Tire’s success has been consistently meeting the demanding quality standards expected in their markets. All of their factories are ISO 9001 certified while tire testing and R&D efforts aim to exceed international performance benchmarks. Customers are assured of products they can rely on even in the most rugged operating environments.

Manufacturing and Distribution Infrastructure
Currently KSA Tire operates 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing complexes in various industrial cities across Saudi Arabia. The original Dammam facility focuses on passenger car and SUV tire dimensions. Truck and commercial vehicle tires roll off the production lines at Jubail. Meanwhile, the Yanbu campus caters to larger earthmover and off-the-road sizes.

With a combined annual output exceeding 3 million units, KSA Tire ranks among the high volume tire manufacturers globally. Cutting edge extrusion, calendaring and curing systems help achieve excellent tire uniformity and quality. Regular capital upgrades ensure production capabilities are always at par with the latest technologies.

From their factories, KSA Tire tires are channeled through an extensive distribution network spanning Saudi Arabia and other GCC markets. Over 200 dealers nationwide stock an ample selection to serve both wholesale and retail walk-in customers promptly. The company also supplies directly to many of the top fleet operators and industrial customers in the region. An active replacement business further supplements OEM relationships with automobile brands.

Commitment to Sustainability
Environment protection forms an integral part of KSA Tire’s corporate values. The goal of achieving carbon neutrality drives continual efficiency improvements across manufacturing. Waste reduction, water recycling and use of renewable energy are ongoing priorities. Tire models now feature green formulations with reduced rolling resistance to minimize fuel consumption.

Looking ahead, R&D for advanced smart and electric vehicle tires will help enable the next generation of transportation. KSA Tire is also pioneering initiatives in sustainable natural rubber agriculture and tyre recycling. By responsibly managing its environmental footprint at each stage of the product lifecycle, the company is setting new standards for corporate citizenship in Saudi industry.

From humble beginnings, KSA Tire has emerged as the dominant force in Saudi Arabia’s tire market through consistent focus on high quality, robust infrastructure and customer satisfaction. Their extensive portfolio addresses the needs of personal, commercial as well as off-road applications. As sustainable practices continue transforming operations, KSA Tire is well poised to solidify its leadership for many more years to come.

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